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Think you may have a driving phobia?

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Driving phobia

Do you:

  • Feel nervous or anxious at the thought of driving?
  • Worry about crashing or other people on the road?
  • Feel really anxious all the time or not in control?
  • Hate the thought of driving and avoid it as much as possible?
  • Worry for ages/hours/days before driving?
  • Have an irrational fear of driving on motorways?

Go from being too anxious to drive – to Formula 1 racing!

Well… not quite, but you get my point. Sometimes, these symptoms may start at a lower level and then keep building up until it becomes unbearable. Some people even experience these symptoms as passengers.

Not sure if you have a driving phobia? Some typical symptoms include:

  • Light headiness or dizziness
  • Physical tension
  • Rapid heartbeat or palpitations
  • Shortness of breath or over-breathing
  • Sweating and shaking
  • Tightness in the chest

Fear of driving can affect anyone

Nearly everyone with a driving phobia is a regular, well-balanced, intelligent person who has either stopped driving completely or are very panicky and anxious when driving. Over the years I have treated all kinds of drivers.  Some who have driving test nerves and can’t pass their driving tests because of this. Even some with exceptional experience and skills, who simply cannot bring themselves to go behind the wheel again.

I’ve also treated top professionals such as psychiatrists, doctors and accountants. So I know that it can happen to anyone, and it’s never about your skill. In actual fact, almost everyone I’ve met with driving phobias are very competent and good drivers.

Changing Driving Anxiety, Nervous Drivers Into Confident, Safe and Good Drivers

As with all other phobias, Cognitive Hypnotherapy for fear of driving in Harley Street, London is the best and most effective way to beat the driving phobia. With cognitive hypnotherapy for nervous driving, you’ll learn how to get rid of feelings of anxiety and stress and dissociate them from driving. As a result, I will teach your subconscious mind to cast aside all of the negative thought processes it has associated with driving anxiety and replace them with positive ones.

Slowly but surely, you will conquer your driving phobia and be able to enjoy the independence of driving a car confidently. Cognitive Hypnotherapy will help you overcome your fear of driving and give you the confidence to get behind the wheel. Just imagine how that will give you your freedom back.

Experience the joy of anxiety and stress-free driving

Hypnotherapy for nervous driver London

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