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As a hypnotherapist in London, I often get asked what hypnotherapy entails. I really enjoyed watching this YouTube video as it explains the process very well. This lady explains how she was concerned about having hypnotherapy for anxiety, as she had seen stage hypnosis on the TV that frightened her. She was scared that it would control her.

How does hypnosis work?

After some friends that she trusted suggested she try it, as hypnosis is good for anxiety, she gave it a go.  She explains how she was conscious all the time, awake and alert in her mind, could talk and answer questions, or choose not to. She was in complete control and wouldn’t do anything against her will. Her body felt incredibly relaxed and she could feel her body go into a deeper relaxed state when asked to. However, she said that if she needed to, for example if a fire alarm went off, she would be able to open her eyes at any point and walk out of the room.

The hypnotherapy helped her to achieve her goal by working with the subconscious mind whilst being really relaxed – not by being under control or unconscious. The Hypnotherapist helped the client to help herself by changing her beliefs and working towards her goal of overcoming her anxiety. It has helped her subconscious to not feel anxious, so it doesn’t affect her everyday life. After the session she felt different, completely awake and in touch with how to deal with her anxieties.

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