Lose Weight & Keep It Off With Hypnotherapy!

  • Tired of losing weight today only to gain it back – with more pounds later?
  • Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise?
  • Are the food cravings just too strong to ignore?
  • Binge eating and don’t know why?

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss London

It’s a scientific fact that diets don’t work.

If ever there was a time that subconscious works against us… it’s when we’re trying to lose weight. For many people, it has been a life long struggle of one diet after another. To lose weight permanently, you have made a profound and healthy lifestyle choice. The big changes happen from within not from someone telling you what you’re not allowed to eat.

Enjoying good healthy food and having a nourishing approach to eating is the philosophy that I follow and hypnosis helps to do this by resetting your factory settings.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss London

At my clinic, using Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London’s Harley Street, I help my clients by using an extremely effective way of overcoming problems and blocks from the past and re-educating your body to healthy eating, so that you can be truly free to lose the weight and live the life you wish.

Leaving behind all of the habits, emotional blocks and stress triggers will help overcome many of the problems you’ve experienced when trying to lose weight in the past. Problems such as self-sabotage and low self-esteem can gradually and gently be overcome. A healthy nutritional approach and love of food without restrictions and rules is a great way forward.

One of my previous clients shares her weight loss experience using Cognitive Hypnotherapy in this video.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss London – Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Harley Street, Marylebone, London will definitely help get you there.

Hypnotherapy near me – I also offer hypnotherapy online.  

I currently treat clients all around the world with hypnotherapy very successfully using Zoom.  So if you would prefer you can work with me by having hypnotherapy online easily in the comfort of your own home or office.


  • Having an improved mental mindset and appreciating your body
  • Developing and sticking to a healthy lifestyle
  • Feeling self-confident and positive about losing weight

Using a variety of techniques in the Cognitive Hypnotherapy framework, it can help you to lose weight because it works within your subconscious, while diets all work only within your conscious mind. While diets will make you more aware of the things you eat in terms of fats, calories, and ingredients nevertheless, they do not quiet the beliefs and self-doubts that limit your success.

Most times, people aren’t successful with their diet plans because of how their subconscious mind perceives exercise and food. Perhaps, when you were a child – even if you weren’t hungry, your parents made you eat everything on your plate. Maybe your lifestyle or job demands too much of your time and has led to you developing unhealthy eating habits. Or, you may not have enough faith in yourself to exercise or you may even be too self-conscious of your weight to join a gym.

Working together, we will set you up for long term success by changing the way your subconscious responds to those cravings and challenges that are sure to arise. Whether you need to lose twenty or two hundred pounds, hypnotherapy will help you reach your weight loss goals faster and with more confidence and motivation! We will sit together and identify those areas that are stumbling blocks and I will customise your hypnotherapy session based on the things we discover. And together, we will work to help you overcome those challenges and build your strengths going forward.

So how does this all sound to you?  Do you feel ready to get your subconscious on your side for your weight loss goals? Can you see a happier you gaining your control back where eating is concerned?  If so, let’s have a chat and go from there.  You can book a time for me to call you by clicking on this link below…

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