Are you scared of escalators? Afraid of heights? Do you suffer from a fear of elevators? Or maybe you get physically sick just thinking of flying?  Do you ever wonder what your life would be like without your phobia and fear?

Dealing with anxietyDealing with anxiety, people often dismiss phobias as “irrational fears” –  but that really doesn’t help you. Fear greatly influences the way we live our lives. Fear can stop us from living the life we want to live and hold us back from achieving our full potential in life. Don’t get me wrong, fear is totally natural. In fact, it is essential. Without fear, the human race would probably have been wiped out ages ago by sabre-toothed tigers. Fear is the reason we didn’t go in for a cuddle with the cute kitty with the pointy teeth.

Evolution has unfortunately not worked as fast on our bodies and minds as it has on our social environment. And while escaping sabre-toothed tigers may be a thing of the past, they have been replaced by elevators, escalators, heights and terrifying experiences in aeroplanes. The things that scare us have changed, but our responses haven’t. You realise that not everyone has the fear that you have, and it’s just not socially acceptable to shout and scream to be let off the plane, or to curl into a ball when on a lift going down. Along the way you’ve picked it up where others haven’t, and you can just as easily put it down again.

The good news is that Cognitive Hypnotherapy for phobias is a powerful and fast solution for dealing with anxiety. This is because: Phobias and Fears are learned, and can easily be eliminated forever. I’ve treated hundreds of clients dealing with anxiety. If you watch this video you will see how Amy overcame her fear really quickly. She continued dealing with anxiety in other areas of her life by continuing to work with me using Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

My name is Heather Hall and I’m a full-time professional Cognitive Hypnotherapist in Harley Street, London and Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

I also do hypnotherapy online successfully using Zoom.  So if you are looking for hypnotherapy near you, this could also be an option by having the sessions in the comfort of your own home or office.

I’m a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and I’ve trained under Trevor Silvester at the internationally recognised Quest Institute in London’s Regents University and John Moonie at Hypno Perth in Scotland and. I’m fully qualified.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, I can alter your mind’s reaction to those images and thoughts that usually make you afraid, so that instead you are dealing with anxiety and feel indifferent to them. My very simple techniques work on all types of fear, from a fear of heights to a fear of flying or a fear of embarrassing yourself in public.

Still on the fence? Here’s what some of my clients have to say

Panic attacks ~ I have a newfound freedom and the thought of commuting no longer fills me with so much dread that I actively avoid it I would not hesitate in recommending Heather. She has a warm, friendly manner and her methods work!

Fear of escalators London underground ~ I had Cognitive Hypnotherapy for a fear of getting on escalators. Before the sessions, if I knew I was going shopping or up to London on the tube, I would find myself panicking about the escalators. But now, I actually embrace them. I have since gone to London on a couple of occasions and used the London Underground with only a slight hesitation. I would totally recommend Heather.

Fear of lifts ~ Thank you Heather for all your hypnotherapy help – I went into a lift – hurray. Thank you so much. I love the relaxing sessions and come away feeling ready to go into another enclosed space, can’t recommend you enough.

Fear of flying ~ Just to let you know I am in Las Vegas I can’t thank you enough you are a star Heather, I don’t know how you did it but thank you so much!

Fear of flying ~ I’ve been on holiday and spent 3 hours on a plane each way and not broke into a sweat once, even through the turbulence!

Other testimonials

Turn your fear into indifference and start to live with hypnotherapy for phobia

What would it be like to be able to fly whilst feeling relaxed and safe? Where would you travel to if you felt free to do so? What new opportunities and experiences will be open to you as a result of overcoming your phobia?

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